The Satisfaction of Social Giving

Posted by Jim Kreller [fa icon="calendar"] Mar 10, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Social_Giving_Passing_PlateA majority of churchgoers prefer electronic giving options, but many still want to participate in the church’s tradition of passing the plate. Can churches find solutions to solve this dilemma for their members?

We believe they can, as long as they understand their members’ conflicting emotions and what’s behind them.

When we surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. churchgoers, 60 percent told us they favor e-Giving because it’s convenient and their churches benefit from consistent revenue. But a sizable portion of that group also told us they enjoy the satisfaction that comes from taking part in traditional giving and don’t want to miss out on having something to put in the plate when it’s passed. In fact, 39 percent of our survey respondents who prefer electronic giving at church also strongly identify with “liking the feeling of giving when the plate is passed.”

It’s interesting to note that the feeling of satisfaction that comes from “passing the plate” is strong across all age groups:

  • Ages 24-34 = 42 percent
  • Ages 35-44 = 37 percent
  • Ages 45-54 = 45 percent
  • Ages 55-65 = 48 percent
  • Ages 62-72 = 43 percent

Giving money to churches or other charitable organizations leads to the greatest happiness when it has a social connection. Not only do churchgoers like the tangible feeling of putting something in the plate, they also like the connection they get when they can show others that they’re financially supporting the church’s mission.

Overall, churchgoers want the benefits of e-Giving, but they also want the satisfaction of taking part in giving at services.

Your church can serve both needs…

  • First, give members the electronic options they desire and let them decide how and when they want to give
  • Next, provide pew cards that say, 'I Give Electronically' or kiosk donation slips that members can drop in the plate during services.

Using these simple strategies, you can ensure that regardless of how your members choose to give – online, by text message or at a kiosk – they will always be able to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from social giving.

Read Our Case Study: How a church increases contributions and pleases members through kiosk giving

Living Stones Churches recently accepted our invitation to try Give by Kiosk. Members line up to use it before and after services, and contributions are steadily increasing.

Members are especially happy with the kiosk’s ability to print out a donation slip on the spot, giving them a tangible sign of their gift that can be placed in the basket during a service.

Read about that and other success strategies Living Stones has employed to see how Give by Kiosk can make giving more convenient for your members and your staff.


Jim Kreller

Jim Kreller

Jim Kreller is the Executive Vice President of Sales for Vanco Payment Solutions.


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